Saturday, August 20, 2011

That's What I Thought

The City of Galveston has lifted its moratorium on outdoor watering. Property owners can now water their landscaped areas on designated watering days during designated times.

  City of Galveston

That ban didn't last long. Less than a week (4 days to be exact) of allowing people to wash cars and fill swimming pools but not water trees.

They didn't lift the ban because it rained. It hasn't. They were no doubt inundated with outraged citizens.

As well they should have been. I'd like to know whose brilliant idea the thing was in the first place, so he (or she) can be shunned and voted out of office for being an elitist idiot or an idiotic elitist. And whatever other idiots went along with it, if there was a "committee."

UPDATE: I suppose I should clarify. We still have a drought. We still need to conserve water. But there are reasonable ways to do that, and banning landscape watering while permitting car washing and swimming pool filling is not reasonable.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.


  1. We probably empty enough water from our dehumidifier in a day to keep your trees alive. Sure wish I could send it to you.


  2. ooh, i bet you do. i collect the water that drips off the bedroom a/c window unit and have been getting a couple gallons a day just from the drip.


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