Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here Comes 9/11 - Hold on to Your Hats

Former New York governor George Pataki is upset over the Obama Administration’s guidelines to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks .


“At a fundamental level, this Administration has never understood the meaning of September 11,” he said. “The fact is, September 11 was not an attack on the global community, it was an attack on America because of our country’s outspoken belief in freedom.”

  Raw Story

They never tire of that old saw, do they?

In a book I recently read, “Incognito: Secret Lives of the Brain,” neuroscientist David Eagleman noted that studies show people tend to believe something is good if they see it repeatedly. I don’t know if that goes for thinking something to be true if they hear it repeatedly, but I bet it does.

Tribal behavior is capitalized upon (whether consciously or not) to rally armies of aggressors by painting the enemy as someone so evil as to be opposed to something the tribe takes great pride in believing is good about itself. We champion freedom, and they hate us for it. Period. Never mind that they’ve been saying for decades that they just want us out of their countries and we refuse to go. Of course they have plenty more reasons to hate us now. And not one of them has anything to do with “our freedoms.”

Christians oftentimes have that same persecution complex which allows unscrupulous politicians and demagogues to herd them into armies. "We love a great - and good - god, and we're hated for it." The Christians even have their reward for believing they are persecuted: heaven. I guess if you can’t behave in a Christ-like manner, you need the free pass that being persecuted bestows upon you. And these same people will mock Islam for its reward of 70 virgins. I don’t know. Seventy virgins or halos and harps? I’m thinking it’s the Christians who hate the Muslims for their heaven.

“Sure, we deplore terrorism anywhere, but it is about us,” he said. “We were the country attacked on September 11. We were the country that was attacked eight years earlier. We have got to be vigilant and understand that you can’t treat terrorists as civilians with constitutional rights.”

Does anybody know what he’s talking about? What terrorists are being treated in such a manner?

But, as the man said, “it’s about us.” It’s always about us.

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