Friday, August 19, 2011


Ask and ye shall receive. Just yesterday in my last post, I asked what was taking Qadafi so long to get out of Libya. Now I know.....

One of our beloved madmen is approaching the edge. But the ICC has backed itself into a corner.

There are whispers and rumors that [Qadafi] may be preparing to flee to Tunisia, but the problem he faces there is that the country is about to become a member of the International Criminal Court. That's the same International Criminal Court that has filed warrants against him and his son, Saif al-Islam, and obliges its members to arrest them should they cross their borders.


As such, Qaddafi's mind may be turning to the rebels' earlier offer: that he could cede power and live out the rest of his days in Libya.

But there's a hitch: those same ICC warrants also make it hard for him to stay in his home country. If the rebels formally take control of Libya then they will be obliged to turn him over to the court.


And so, with very few places to run, and little likelihood of a tranquil life if he stays, Qaddafi has a great incentive to fight on to the bitter end. The grim irony here is that when the UN Security Council requested the ICC's involvement it was meant to hasten Qaddafi's departure. The idea was to loosen his control on the army by giving his minions an incentive to disobey orders, or even to rise up and overthrow him. Instead, the court's warrants may have helped prolong the conflict.


Or, the court could just give him a pardon or amnesty, I suppose.

Anyway, there may be “very few places to run,” but I’m pretty sure there are a couple that, if he takes his money with him, will be happy to house him should he choose to go. And as long as he doesn’t kill anyone in America, we won’t be obliged to hunt him down. As I said before, I haven’t seen a spiffy outfit on him in years, so I won’t miss his presence. He has my blessing to flee to whatever spot will have him. He might want to do it sooner than later, however, before some CIA provisioned “rebel” accidentally kills him.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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