Friday, August 26, 2011

The Old One-Two Punch

Earthquake followed by hurricane.

Say it with Pat Robertson...."God is angry with Washington."

A co-worker is planning on moving to Charleston in October. Property may be cheap.

Seriously, this looks like big trouble for the east coast. Earlier this year I was wishing I'd had enough money to move to Pawley's Island or the Outer Banks. That would have just been demoralizing to weather Ike here and Irene there. Sometimes it's not good to get your wish, I suppose. But I'm really sorry that those areas are going to be ravaged.

I hope the folks there can pull it back together.

And I hope they don't succumb to the idiot Geraldo Rivera type newscasting like we had for Ike that panics everybody when they most need to stay calm.

Good luck up there. Sorry to be making it about me and Ike, but that's still fairly clear in my mind. Don't want to do that again.

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