Monday, August 29, 2011

Sad, Inexcusable, Obscene

Body guards forcefully removed the widow of an Army Ranger from Donald Rumsfeld’s book signing in Fort Lewis, Washington Friday after she confronted the former defense secretary about her husband’s death.


Joint Base Lewis-McChord spokesman Bud McKay claimed that [Ashley] Joppa-Hagemann, who was accompanied by anti-war veteran Jorge Gonzalez, was removed because she had caused a disruption.


Joppa-Hagemann blamed Rumsfeld for her husband’s post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eventual suicide. Jared Hagemann [father of two small children] was scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan this month for the ninth time.

“[Rumsfeld] said, ‘Oh I heard about that,’” Joppa-Hagemann recalled to KCPQ-TV. “He didn’t say ‘him’ — he says ‘that.’”

  Raw Story

For the ninth time.

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