Friday, August 19, 2011

About Syria

Let's follow up a little on President #Compromise's demand that the Syrian dictator step down.

[C]laims by the opposition and their Western supporters that some 100 Syrian military were killed in Jisr ash-Shaghour for refusing to fire on their fellow Syrians [peacefully protesting] were repeated uncritically by Western media. As it turns out, however, those soldiers were killed by "armed gangs," as the Syrian government calls them.


One Syrian opposition activist, interviewed by CNN, admitted the truth:

"One prominent anti-government activist, who asked not to be named because of the dangers that could arise from the release of the information, told CNN the state TV account was correct. The bodies are those of Syrian secret police killed by Syrian fighters from Iraq who have joined the anti-government fight, said the activist, who gets information about the goings-on in Syria from an extensive network of informants."

Justin Raimondo

Check out this article. Videos to that incident are linked, and a report from a dead Syrian soldier’s family is recounted that states the same – these peaceful protestors opened fire.

Who are these armed groups, who is arming them, and what is their agenda? These are questions the "international community" is not at all interested in asking, let alone answering – perhaps because some of the governments now condemning the violence in Syria had a hand in provoking it.

I would say that’s a pretty fair possibility. And I can think of three initials that I would bet my life (although it is not worth much) are involved.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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