Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who's Occupying the White House?

A bullet has struck the ballistic glass of an exterior window of the White House and another round has been found nearby, News4, a local NBC affiliate, reported.

The news outlet said the Secret Service – the bodyguard detail charged with protecting the US president and other top officials — began investigating after an incident on Friday when gunshots were heard near the White House.

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Under the condition that I know very little about ballistics (except that the magic bullet scenario the Warren Commission foisted on the world is totally impossible in the real world), how far away could someone be and still hit the window? Perhaps if we knew what kind of bullet it was, but a round was found? Wouldn’t that indicate someone was in that spot? I thought this place was guarded.

More than 300 protesters marched on the White House on Tuesday to invite an absent President Barack Obama to side with the Occupy movement, after police raids on camps in New York and other cities.

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I have a feeling he can’t go because he doesn’t have a thing to wear.

Unlike New York and other major US cities, Washington has been tolerant of not one, but two encampments that are home to protesters decrying social inequality and what they say is excessive corporate influence on US politics.

Local police escorted Tuesday’s march through evening rush hour traffic, and just two uniformed Secret Service agents were in position along the black iron fence on the north side of the White House when the protesters turned up.

The others were being dressed down in the director’s office for the bullet incident.

U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday said he was “deeply concerned” at the turmoil in the eurozone that has spooked global markets amid growing fears about Europe’s debt crisis and anaemic growth.

“I am deeply concerned and I have been deeply concerned. I suspect I will be deeply concerned tomorrow and next week,” he said at a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Canberra.

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So quit asking.

“Until we put in place a concrete plan and structure that sends a clear signal to the markets that Europe is standing behind the euro and will do what it takes, we are going to continue to see the kinds of turmoil that we saw in the markets,” Obama said.

He’s talking European markets and using the royal “we.” Does anyone get tired of the US co-opting everything everywhere?

“At this point, the larger European community has to stand behind the European project,” Obama said.

“We have got an integrated world economy and what happens in Europe will have an impact on us,” he added.

He’s also still using the American “we.” It’s all ours. All of it.

Gee, is Bank of America a European corporation? Merrill Lynch? Lehman Brothers? Goldman Sachs? I wonder, does what happen in America have an impact in Europe? Do “we” care?

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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