Monday, November 14, 2011

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For years, Palestinians have complained about the use of force at roadblocks by the Israel Defense Force. This week a tragedy has highlighted those concerns for the Israeli populace after the IDF killed a 55-year-old Israeli rabbi and settler, Dan Mertzbach, after he failed to stop.


Soldiers opened fire after he failed to stop at a temporary checkpoint in the southern West Bank. The roadblock was set up after reports of a suspicious car on the road. The two passengers were wounded. In addition, the soldier who fired the shots was injured when he ran toward the car and was hit by a passing Palestinian truck.


Notably, according to reports today, “[t]he Defense Ministry announced to the National Insurance Institute on Friday that Mertzbach will be recognized as the victim of a ‘terror event.’”

The designation of the victim of a “terror event” will allow payment to the family.

  Jonathan Turley

Not to mention add to the inflated list of "Palestinian" terrorist attacks they use to whine about being overrun by a ruthless enemy.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

Okay, sorry, that was my comment. Not your own.

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