Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Meanwhile in Zuccotti Park

“There’s sexual assault going on,” a woman who works on the “Occupy Wall Street” community affairs group told Lee Stranahan, a contributor.

“We’re trying to deal with that, mostly drunk guys going and groping girls.” There was also a young deaf man who was allegedly raped.


“People have been trying to tell the cops, ‘We don’t want people here who are causing these problems, can you take this guy,’ and they kind of just ignore it,” she explained. The protest’s organizers encourage people to report crimes to the police, “but at the same time, it hasn’t proved beneficial most of the time.”

  Raw Story

Yeah, I think expecting the NY police to protect protesters is a wee bit naïve.

When I was in Caracas at a huge street gathering of Chavistas who gather regularly to hear El Presidente speak, I saw several of them manhandling another who appeared to be one of them out of the crowd. I asked someone what was happening and was told it was a not too uncommon occurrence of the people policing their own. “That guy was feeling up women.”

It may be a bit more difficult, but OWS participants are going to have to protect themselves from the inevitable creeps. Figure it out. Or lose. Reality bites.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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