Monday, November 14, 2011

The Latest Commercial Entertainment

Or as the networks like to call it: the debates.

Ron Paul says waterboarding is torture, illegal under international law, and immoral, and uncivilized, and doesn’t work. Huntsman agrees.


So, they’re out, then. No self-respecting GOPer would vote for a weenie.

Can a president simply order the killing of an American citizen suspected of terrorism? Absolutely, says Romney. [...] And a couple of seconds after that he said, “And I will stand and use whatever means necessary within the law to make sure that we protect America’s citizens and Americans’ rights.” Law? Rights?

And this is the GOP nominee. Who else have they got? Bachmann the Nut? Cain the Who-Knows-What? Gingrich, whom nobody even wants to hear any more? Santorum? Yeah, right.

Romney calls for a trade war against China, because there’s a trade war going on now.

Everything has to be a war. There can be no peace. Only the pretended desire for it.

And where the hell are the Democratic presidential hopefuls? Why is it that once a party is in office, they simply presume that the same guy will stand in the following cycle? This isn’t a team sport. Right? Ha. You know darned well that there are bookies for this just like in any other sport.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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