Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The American Taliban Strikes Again

Michigan Republicans turned what was supposed to be a new law protecting victims of bullying into a law pretty much declaring open season on them, thanks to a last-minute clause exempting anyone who can provide a moral or religious reason for their harassment.

"Matt's School Safe Law," which just passed in the state Senate and is now moving on to the House of Representatives, is named after Matt Epling, a gay teenager who committed suicide as a result of bullying. However, the president of the American Family Association of Michigan explained that the bill had to include the "religious motivations" loophole to prevent it from becoming "a Trojan Horse for the homosexual agenda."

  Virginia Smith

The moral reason is we don't like the bullied kids' morals. The religious reason is God hates fags. Right? Bully on, punks, bully on!


....but hey, do what you want....you will anyway.

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