Monday, October 03, 2011

Hey, At Leat He Didn't Kill the Guy

That "diplomat" is in trouble again.

In March, some 3,000 people rallied outside Islamabad’s Red Mosque against the release of [Raymond] Davis, a contractor with the [CIA] who shot dead two Pakistanis in January and was charged with murder.

Davis was set free after $2 million was paid as blood money to the families of those he killed in a busy Lahore street. His release was widely condemned among the Pakistani public and media.


Davis was arrested early Saturday outside a bagel shop in the town of Highlands Ranch [Colorado] “after he allegedly fought with another man over a parking spot,” ABC affiliate KMGH television reported.

  Raw Story

Deputies responded to an altercation between two men outside Einstein Bros Bagels in Highlands Ranch, south of Denver, Colorado, and took Raymond Davis into custody on Saturday morning, police said. He was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanours.

Further details on his arrest were not immediately available.

The victim, who was not identified, refused medical treatment at the scene, police said. Davis was freed after posting a $1,750 (£1,100) bond.

  UK Independent

Refused medical treatment. Sounds like he took a pretty good hit.

According to the wife of 50-year-old victim Jeffrey Maes, her husband pulled into a Starbucks parking lot for coffee and bagels and found a space. She said Davis pulled up behind them, got out of his car cursing, claiming the space was his. After a very brief confrontation, Davis struck Maes once in the face, knocking him out.


Maes regained consciousness after 30 seconds and another fight ensued, according to Meas’ wife. There were many witnesses. She said Davis kept saying, “You’re done. I’m going to get you.”

“I’ve never seen a man so full of rage,” Maes’ wife said.


He was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, but was released after posting a $1,750 bond.


While US officials accused Pakistan for violating international law as Davis was entitled to diplomatic immunity, it was later revealed that Davis was a former member of the US Special Forces and was employed by the private security firm Blackwater. He reportedly owns a security company called Hyperion Protective Consultants, which is contracted to do work for the government.

  The Nation

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