Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Don't Occupy Oakland

Not if the police can help it. And they can.

Police fired tear gas at “Occupy Oakland” protesters on Tuesday night as a group of hundreds assembled outside City Hall. Early Tuesday morning, hundreds of police surrounded protesters at their small tent city in Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. The police firing tear gas and beanbag rounds to clear the protesters and arrested 85 people.

Raw Story

This isn’t the Oakland Police Department’s first dance with protesters. They do not intend to have any more riots. Peaceful or not, you don’t protest in Oakland without serious consequences. (Same goes for Seattle and Miami, so watch yourselves.)

Obama addressed the issue of unrest during a television appearance on Tuesday night.

"Look, people are frustrated," he told Jay Leno. "And that frustration expresses itself in a lot of different ways. It expressed itself in the Tea party, it's expressing itself in Occupy Wall Street … Everybody needs to understand that the American people feel that no one is looking out for them right now."

UK Guardian

Where on earth would they get an idea like that?

And speaking of police…

Eight New York City policemen were charged on Tuesday with helping run a gun-smuggling ring in a city whose mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is leading a national campaign against illegal guns.

The men were accused of exploiting their experience and credentials to take part in schemes to illegally transport guns, slot machines, cigarettes and counterfeit goods across state lines, a criminal complaint released by the U.S. District Attorney’s Office said.

Raw Story

Have to supplement that measly income somehow. Pay for that health care post 9/11.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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