Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Oakland

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, who was booed out of a public square by protesters against economic inequality on Thursday, apologized for a clash between police and demonstrators that badly injured an ex-Marine.

Raw Story

Although this post comes from Raw Story, it’s actually a Reuters report. I like how the protests have been termed to be “against economic inequality.” This is the light in which major media, politicians and right wing minds want to see the protests, and want you to see them. It’s false. I’m sure that plays a part in the protests, but that’s not what started them, and that ultimately is not what they’re about.

Economic inequality is embedded in human society and human nature. We have never had (nor will we) economic equality. People do not protest economic inequality for its own sake. There is a larger cause, an element that drives people to the streets, and that is injustice - as Glenn Greenwald has called it, “two-tiered justice.” OWS began as a protest against the idea that banksters and corporate criminals not only get away with fraud and crime, but that they also make the rules in this country. Even that would not have been enough to drive people into the streets, but when the situation has become so glaringly unjust and the people are required to pay for the banksters to defraud them, to pick up the tab completely for the criminal and fraudulent acts of the “1%” THEN they will protest. The tab includes loss of homes and jobs, and if the people had lost those due to their own negligence, they wouldn’t be in the streets until they were too hungry, at which point, they would be rioting, not protesting.

OWS is not about income inequality, no matter how much the MSM and politicians would like to couch it as such. It’s about legal inequality and being completely flattened by corporate criminals and having to pay THEM for flattening you. (See previous post about Goldman Sachs.)

I imagine the Iraqis are feeling somewhat the same about the US military.

“I am deeply saddened about the outcome on Tuesday,” Quan said in the statement, which she also delivered from her office in a videotaped posted online.


Quan, who has drawn withering criticism for her handling of a confrontation with so-called “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, said in a written statement that she had met with ex-Marine Scott Olsen and his parents and was concerned about his recovery.

Yes, well, all forgiven then.

Quan had paid a visit late Thursday night to a rally and speakers’ forum organized by protesters at Frank Ogawa Plaza, a public square adjacent to the mayor’s office that has been the fulcrum of demonstrations.

She was greeted with a hail of angry boos and catcalls and hastily retreated with her staff back to City Hall, followed by protesters shouting, “Get out, go home!” and “Resign!”


Quan pledged to work with the Occupy Oakland activists but said “we need to have direct communications between city staff and your representatives.”

Because, we really don’t know what you’re so upset about.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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