Sunday, December 20, 2009


In order to test its missile defense technology, the United States intends to defend against a simulated attack [by Iran].


Sometime in January a simulated missile will be launched from the Marshall Islands, aimed at California, but Vandenberg Air Force Base is expected to intercept it.


Were Iran to launch its imaginary missile at the United States, a CNN source said that a U.S. interceptor would likely be fired from Fort Greely, Alaska. It is the only site other than Vandenburg that houses the missile defense technology.


Word of the test comes days after Iran tested its Sajjil-2 rocket, which can reportedly travel about 1,200 miles. As Iran's most advanced ICBM, it could reach as far as Israel or southeastern Europe.

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So we’re testing our capability to intercept a missile that is currently an impossibility from a site that wouldn’t be used to launch from if a missile is ever created that can reach us. I feel safer already. I wonder how much that’s costing us.

Let's hope some joker doesn't launch a live missile and we find out Vandenberg can't intercept. (Don't say that's not possible.)

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

And that reminds me...Millennium Challenge 2002: How We Won the War.

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