Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Former Bush Official Reacts

Dan Senor, a former Bush spokesman in Iraq: "If you would have said to me that a year into this administration that he would have doubled our troop presence in Afghanistan... Plus not reduced our troops meaningfully in Iraq. And if you had told me he would have fired General [David] McKiernan and replaced him with General [Stanley] McChrystal (a surge proponent)... I would have had a hard time believing it. So I am pleasantly surprised."


....but hey, do what you will anyway.


  1. as i have said on numerous occasions, i have never been so disappointed in anyone as i have been in obama. at least those of us who bought into that 'hope' can admit we have been flimflammed and screwed! have you ever heard a bush supporter admit as much? me, neither.


    still missing you daily :(

  2. yeah. i was cautiously hopeful, but not at all surprised when he behaved the way he has been. although there probably aren't too many bush supporters who felt that way, isn't your husband one of those?

    don't miss me. come down. but wait until it decides to quit pretending to be missouri - it's cold right now, and could possibly snow on friday night!

    have the gods forgotten why i came down here?

  3. you are correct about my husband. however, he abandoned that position so early in the 'bush game' i had actually forgotten! i'm glad you reminded me. it's a point in his favor.

    guess i've been lax about checking your weather. did not realize you were cold down there!! snow???? i didn't think that was ever a possibility. we have managed to turn this world upside down, haven't we?

  4. i think it was 2005 (i wasn't here then) that they were actually able to build human-sized snowmen on the beach.

    last winter, after ike, was quite nice. the year before that had some cold weather.


  5. Somewhat off topic,or maybe not-but I remember that Dan Senor guy as one ugly-looking bastard.

  6. actually, oso, i think you are back ON topic


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