Thursday, December 24, 2009

No One Could Have Predicted...

This morning, there are reports of another yet air strike in Southern Yemen on a "suspected Al Qaeda site" which "killed at least 30 suspected militants" -- with anonymous U.S. government sources claiming the casualties possibly (though by no means definitely) included Nasir al Wuhayshi, the regional Al Qaeda leader who was the target of last week's strikes, and Anwar al-Aulaqi, the cleric reported to have communicated extensively with alleged Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.


Here again…call me jaded, but I can picture the back room huddles after the Fort Hood shooting. The main goal: take out the guy Hasan was connected to. Americans are so dense, they’ll actually accept that as the proper and necessary response. It’s like stomping cockroaches. Vengeance is so satisfying.

And they would be right to think that.

"A radical Muslim preacher linked by U.S. intelligence to a gunman who killed 13 people at a U.S. Army base is believed to have died in a Yemen airstrike on al Qaeda militants, a security official said on Thursday," Reuters reports.


"If one was inclined to see the well-deserved death of Anwar al-Awlaki in the Yemen strike as a gift from Santa Claus, perhaps we can consider Saeed Ali al-Shehri as a stocking stuffer," Hot Air's Ed Morrissey writes.

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Of course we don’t even know yet if it’s true.

It’s a good thing Hasan provided us a new boogey man to hunt down and kill. The fictional boogey man was never taken very seriously. And we simply could NOT bring al-Douri back from the dead one more time.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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