Saturday, December 05, 2009


Had they been waiting on hold for the speech? Like the troops whose commanders were chomping at the bit to enter Falluja but were told they had to wait until after the 2004 election?

Operation "Cobra's Anger," which involves 900 U.S. Marines and sailors, British troops and 150 Afghan soldiers and police, pushed into the Now Zad district of southern Helmand province, an insurgent stronghold depopulated after years of heavy fighting.


Cobra’s Anger. No we’re not trying to take over anybody’s anything. We’re peace-loving.



  1. m,
    nice observation re:depopulated.Often we read things without noticing the obvious.
    I remember similar things reading about Vietnam.I might gloss over a paragraph, not realizing until someone pointed out what appeared to be a fairly innocuous story about Vietnamese peasants getting new homes was actually them being forced off their land for "strategic hamlets" where they could be controlled, while their farmland was turned in "free fire zones".
    So,being still dumb I guess I'd have missed "depopulated" too.

  2. you're not dumb. i'm just extremely, extremely jaded. and i EXPECT gov/msm 'reporters' to phrase things in misleading or glossy ways for public consumption. they're very experienced and accomplished in that field.


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