Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yemen's Houthi fighters say scores of civilians, including many children, have been killed in US air-raids in the southeast of the war-stricken Arab country.

The Shia fighters on Friday reported the deaths of 63 people, including some 28 children, in the southeastern province of Abyan.

Almost 90 people were also injured in the attacks by US warplanes in the village of Bakazam, they added.

Yemen's southern provinces have recently been the scene of US airstrikes which Washington claims to be aimed at uprooting an al-Qaeda cell operative in the Persian Gulf state.

  Press TV Story

Are we strafing the entire Middle East?

....but hey, do what you will anyway.


  1. Damn. Israels been bombing people in Somalia too,I believe.
    I read about the drone attacks out of Nellis afb in Nevada,guys and gals sitting at a terminal drinking diet coke after their workout at a gym, bombing strangers on the other side of the world.
    What would an AQ cell be doing with a group of Shia?

  2. oh, they're EVERYwhere.

    that business of bombing people you can't see makes soldiering a much easier task than it was a hundred years ago or so. i'm talking mentally/emotionally. perhaps it's just an extension of the video games - which the military does use for training, of course.

    it seems very likely that we are going to evolve slowly but steadily into robots before that plateau jump into higher consciousness that i keep waiting for.

    a number of years ago - perhaps 10 - i had a dream that has stuck with me. it was a city somewhere, and the place was in rubble - i don't know the cause, whether earthquake or bombs, or something else - the people were milling about, and i was desperately trying to get one woman to look at herself in a mirror. She, and all the others (with the exception of a baby girl) in varying degrees of transforming into very shiny metal creatures. this particular woman wasn't too far along yet, and i understood the situation to be that if they would look at themselves and see what was happening, they could and would stop the transformation. i kept following this woman insisting, "you HAVE to look at yourself", but she wouldn't pay any attention to me. i realized that time was running out, but i couldn't get her to stop and look.

    i think we're there.

    of course, on the other hand, fritz perls would probably say that i was trying to warn myself to take a look in the mirror.

    thanks again for the comments and opportunities for further exploration.


  3. m,
    Trippy dream man. the kind that stick with you.

    I try to picture the rage of a 3rd world country,losing people and finally capturing and killing-a robot?

    I think in an earlier post you'd mentioned the bases we're building in Colombia along its border with Venezuela.It's very frustrating to find Americans who hate Chavez the "tyrant" there, people who couldn't find Venezuela on a map and have no feelings at all about other countries in SA-yet they've been told to hate Chavez so they hate the guy. Would it occur to any of these people to question Why they should hate him? maybe just google the name? We loved Venezuela till they cut Chevrons share of the oil take.and began trading oil for doctors with Cuba.

    That bastard Chavez took the coup so personally.What can you expect from a tyrant ?

  4. i actually had the opportunity to go to caracas a few years ago and witness one of chavez' street speeches. throngs of people were packed in the street for blocks. they did that every time he spoke. the chavistas love him. they also love americans. chavez himself made it a point to say that the venezuelans love americans, they just don't like the american government. i can't imagine why.

    personally, i am disappointed in mr. chavez, because he's such a likeable and intelligent human being, and yet power seems to have gone to his head. it's probably true about the relationship between power and corruption.

    thanks again for your comments.

  5. I think in Chavez' case it's a combination of not trusting anyone else to do what he does and yes-power corrupting.
    I honestly think if we weren't messing with him he'd have stepped down after his term was up and hung around like an elder statesman. Castro too.
    but what the hell do I know ?

  6. i never thought of it in that context, and you could be right. the man is undoubtedly intelligent and thoughtful. but it seems to me that he has been getting more and more carried away with himself. and, as for no one being able to do what he's doing, it's very likely that the constantly battling opposition would regain control without his presence for the people to relate to. chavez IS the people's party.

    another thing that's interesting - and i noticed this in mexico, as well - the poorest of the uneducated poor know and understand more about politics, both local and global, than the averge american. way more. perhaps if one doesn't have so many diversions, one has time to think.


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