Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Blogging Obama's More War Speech

Blah, blah, blah, blah....

Like Chowderhead before him, in front of an audience of troops - better yet, future troops (West Point cadets).

We do not seek to occupy other nations. We will not claim another nation's resources or target other peoples because their faith or ethnicity is different from ours. What we have fought for - and what we continue to fight for - is a better future for our children and grandchildren, and we believe that their lives will be better if other peoples' children and grandchildren can live in freedom and access opportunity.

  speech text

Now, would you like to buy a bridge?

....but hey, do what you want....you will anyway.


  1. Nice post, couldn't agree more.

  2. it doesn't seem we have many students of history in our leadership, nor apparently, any who are paying close attention to what's happening in the present, for that matter. too bad, for obama's sake, that lbj isn't still alive - obama being too young, it would seem, to have been impressed - although he did spend a few minutes telling us why this isn't like viet nam. gee, it isn't even in the same part of the world, people.

    of course what we really want for our children and grandchildren is that their parents and grandparents are wealthy enough from the commerce and resources made off the rest of the world to leave them a big fat inheritance, which we will be sure not to have taxed.

    yes, virginia, i am a cynic.

    how do you suppose that happened?

    anyway, thanks to you both for checking in. we have personal purposes to fulfill and souls to tend, so we try to bear that in mind while we keep our heads above water in these political disasters.
    i no longer imagine that we can do much to change the tide, but as long as they let us have cyberspace, we can continue trying to look for and keep the cover off the things they try to hide and circulate it.

    thanks for being.


    (and thanks for the links to new blogs)

  3. p.s. Bill Moyers for president.


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