Tuesday, December 08, 2009

ACORN May Have the Last Laugh

Seems the video that was supposed to slam them was doctored.

....but hey, do what you want....you will anyway.


  1. IMO ACORN is vilified due to their work chiefly among poor and minorities.Same as the SEIU,labor union for janitors,hotel workers,other lower paid workers. So that was an interesting link, I hadn't seen that.

    I work with teabaggers,often I tell them their anger is misdirected. It should be at Wall St and it's influence,government being influenced by lobbyist $. Unnecessary wars and people making profits off it.Lot of candidates for their ire, but ACORN should be way down on the list. The group does a lot of good work,they're no worse than any organization. The military,phone company,hell the Salvation army. You can find bad stuff anywhere.
    You know what the teabaggers tell me ? That I drank the kool-aid.
    They suck up every word Glen Beck tells them unquestioningly, I read books and research and fact check-but I'm the koolaid drinker?
    Something screwy here man.

  2. yes, there's something screwy. i don't blame everything on g.w., but the uneducated coming out of the woodwork, parading their ignorance with pride - that i blame on him. his entire presidency was one of dumbing down and making it okay to be a 'c' student. and okay to be a racist, arrogant, nationalist (tribal), money-grubbing, bible-thumping blowhard. and okay to be aggressive and grating and bullying. even glenn beck couldn't have made them so vocal - they needed to be told from the top - shown, in fact - that it's okay to be a hateful bigot.

    i'm sorry you have to work with those folks, but i'm afraid they're just about everywhere these days. i suppose they always were, but they used to be quiet about their ignorance when out in the world.

    the end of the world already came.

    thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and mostly, thanks for being.


  3. m,
    Right back at you.


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