Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tell Us What You Really Think

Isn't it time that we all realized that a lot of these people just don't care? If all 45,000 of the people cited by that famous Harvard study who will die for lack of a decent health-care system dropped dead on his f**king lawn tomorrow morning, Joseph Lieberman would not CARE.

He would step over their bodies to get to a fundraiser. He is a vindictive, wretched sack of pus and all that will ever matter to him for the rest of his sorry political career will be settling scores and fluffing his tush in somebody's green room. There is no less excusable public man in America than this bitter old carny-whore; hell, Glenn Beck is either a genuine lunatic, or he masterfully portrays one on television. But either of those is a more honest transaction than that engaged in by Lieberman, who does not care if people die, and whose conscience long ago became the malignant servant of his baser nature. But he's only the most garish one. The rest of them, fumbling away the last best chance to get this serious issue right, don't care, either. About what, for example, does this president care so much that he will abandon his devotion to "bipartisan solutions"? The longer this goes, the more I'm convinced that the president insists on this particularly futile unicorn hunt, not because it makes for superior policy, but because abandoning it puts his political self-image at risk, and for that, we're supposed to let people sicken, go broke, and then die? About what does the Democratic congressional majority care so much that they will risk dissension within their ranks to do the things that clear majorities of the people who sent them to Washington have said, over and over again, that they want done? The Republicans care about nothing except turning the government into an ATM that spurts holy water. The courtier media of the Beltway might as well be living on Pluto, witness this wonderful Very Special Holiday EPISODE from the increasingly unmoored Washington Post opinion pages. But the point is that most of these people--and, alas, a substantially large portion of our fellow citizens--simply Not enough to do anything real about anything, that's for sure. Come to think of it, after 40 years of battering from the political elite, the very concept of having "fellow citizens" has been worn down to an infinitesimal nub.


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