Sunday, October 02, 2011

#C Speaks to Gay Group

Obama spoke this evening at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner. I assume he dined on the flesh of his enemies. The Human Rights Campaign is a gay group, so he started off with a joke about how he had held “productive bilateral talks with your leader, Lady Gaga.” Stop trying to make jokes, Barry. Just stop.


Indeed. Isn't it bad enough that gays have to lobby for rights as though they aren't actual citizens? And he's going to make a joke as though they're foreign, or even enemy.

He’s not half as charming as he seems to think he is. I used to criticize George W mercilessly for his arrogance and the tiny bubble in which he encased himself so as not to be touched by the real world. (George W neither asked for or warranted any mercy.) But President #Compromise is fast becoming a very apt rival for George’s position as a preening narcissist inside a mirror-lined bubble. He is in danger of outdoing George himself.

He does keep inching closer and closer to supporting gay marriage, without ever quite doing so. Zeno’s Gay Marriage Paradox.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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