Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Will Murdoch Fall?

Probably like many others I've been amazed to see the speed and scope of the scandal which has already destroyed The News of the World and threatens to engulf Rupert Murdoch's entire global News Corp. empire. Today, if you hadn't heard already, that former PM Gordon Brown was also a target and that other Murdoch papers in the UK (The Sun and The Sunday Times) also participated in these illegal practices.

Now though there are reports that at least The News of the World used its phone hacking practices against American 9/11 victims, which would for the first time give the scandal a clear nexus into the United States. CREW is now calling for an immediate congressional investigation.


Um, Josh? The first I read of the issue was about the hackers and the 9/11 victims. Then came the info about the VIPs.

Anyway, it would be nice to see the Murdoch empire fall. I doubt it though, as I suspect it has too much dirt on all the people who could bring that about. Certainly a US Congressional investigation won't get in its way. And it will rise again, if it does fall. Evil and corruption pay well.

And, Hugh Grant?

....but hey, do what you want....you will anyway.

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