Monday, July 25, 2011

Mistakes of Inexperience

Totally forgivable, those.

Congressional Republicans raised the ceiling nine times during the Bush administration, adding over $4 trillion to the nation's debts. President Obama, as a freshman Senator from Illinois, voted in 2006 against raising the debt ceiling, but has since called his decision a mistake of inexperience.

Raw Story

Fairly sums up his presidency so far. But, I know, I know. He just means that anything he said or did “before” (before whatever it is he’s saying at present) shouldn’t be used to judge what he’s saying or doing now.

How stupid are we? He voted against something Bush did out of being inexperienced, not out of being in the opposition party, which he now excoriates regularly because they....oppose!

Five whole years of experience have taught him better. The experience he lacked at the time was experience being the top dog.

Bill Clinton said he'd [...] override the debt limit based upon the 14th Amendment and "force the courts to stop me."

President Obama has said that is not an option for his administration.

No, he’ll roll over for the Republicans is what he’ll do. Okay, here, take Social Security, because I am a Great Compromiser.

What is Bill Clinton playing at chiming in with what he'd do?

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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