Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's All Going to the Dogs

The National Asset Management Agency, which has been tasked with clearing the mountain of bad debt amassed by Ireland's property developers, has launched a firesale of 850 properties including pubs in Somerset, towers blocks in Canary Wharf and golf courses in Ireland.


Properties in Ireland include golf courses, five-star hotels, medical centres, homes in Dublin's salubrious Ballsbridge district and an airport in county Kildare.

At the top end of the list are trophy buildings in London including the flagship Louis Vuitton store in New Bond Street and a site destined for a Norman Foster-designed tower in the Docklands.


Those interested in buying a house or apartment in London could do well to check the list for potential knock-down prices.

There are residential properties on Cromwell Road, Clapham Common, Hampstead, Gloucester Road and whole apartment blocks on the Isle of Dogs.

  UK Guardian



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    -Molly Ivans

    I'd be happy to push you off a cliff without a secured rope harness and then with a secured rope harness. We will then be able to agree that your statement is demonstrably false.

  2. of course, if you are looking for THAT type of security, maybe we could interest you in a nice straight jacket or some sturdy bed straps.


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