Monday, July 11, 2011

What Have I Been Missing?

[W]hen I heard that Amy Goodman would be hosting a discussion with Julian Assange and [Slavoj] Žižek I thought, dear god why? Despite his apparent personality faults, Assange is an engaging speaker who never fails to make insightful and thought-provoking points, and given everything that's happening around Wikileaks there's plenty for him to talk about. But in what imaginable sense does Žižek—no matter how qualified he might be in his own sphere (such as it is)—have anything worthwhile to add to that discussion? Seriously, they may as well have pointed the camera at a gardenia every few minutes or paired Assange with Ginger Spice.

(The above was written before I'd seen any of the broadcast. I've now watched a few minutes of it and HOLY HELL, WOULD SOMEONE TELL THIS YUTZ TO SHUT HIS GOB AND LET ASSANGE TALK?)

  Chris Floyd

I guess I don’t have to watch that interview.

FURTHERMORE: For a perfect illustration of what's wrong not only with Žižek but Wikipedia, take a look at this excerpt from his Wikipedia entry:

Žižek sidesteps relativism by claiming that there is a diagonal ontological cut across apparently incommensurable discourses, which points to their intersubjectivity. This means that although there are multiple Symbolic interpretations of the Real, they are not all relatively "true." Žižek identifies two instances of the Real; the abject Real, which cannot be symbolized, and the symbolic Real (see On Belief), a set of signifiers that can never be properly integrated into the horizon of sense of a subject. The truth is revealed in the process of transiting the contradictions; or the real is a "minimal difference", the gap between the infinite judgement of a reductionist materialism and experience as lived.

Yep. I don’t.

Maybe there was a time when I would have welcomed a discussion of the symbolic real and the abject real, but now? Real has pretty well been elbowed out of existence. And for that matter, surely, nothing is. Real. Just look around you.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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