Friday, July 01, 2011


Massachusetts officials have closed a busy public swimming pool after a woman's dead body went unnoticed in the water for two days as people continued to swim, the Boston Globe reported Friday.

The permit for the state-run swimming pool expired six months ago, and a city inspector who examined the site on Tuesday -- just hours before the body surfaced -- did not see the remains because the water was so murky, the newspaper reported.


The water may have become murky because the body had begun to decompose, the Globe reported.


Joseph went to the pool with two other adults and six children, a neighbor told the Globe.

A 9-year-old boy that went down the slide just before Joseph tried to alert lifeguards but was ignored, according to Veronica Reis, a friend of the victim.

The little boy was trying to pull her back up, but he couldn't," she said, according to the Globe. "She was too heavy, and she was too slippery from the water."

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And so the two other adults and all six children didn’t say another word about it? They just went home?

There has just got to be more to this story.

Marie Joseph, the woman whose body was found at the bottom of a public swimming pool in Fall River, Mass., on Tuesday night after going unnoticed for two days, was not reported missing because friends and loved ones thought she'd gone home and wanted to be alone.

Candela Matta was at the 12-feet-deep Vietnam Veterans Swimming Pool with the 36-year-old Joseph and a group of people Sunday. Matta told The Associated Press that some friends even waited for Joseph at the pool and a nearby park until Sunday evening.

Her boyfriend, who told the AP that Joseph knew how to swim, said he thought she wanted to be by herself after she did not answer or return his phone calls.

  ABC News

And what about the boy who tried to pull her out? What the hell did he think?

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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