Saturday, July 09, 2011

There Actually Was Such a Machine

And this post is where you can tell I've read all the political news I can stand for the time being. And now it's time to sip my coffee and listen to the birds. You see, I can do that. Because I live in America, the greatest country on earth.

They say if you remember the 60s you weren’t there. Apparently I was, because I didn’t know there really was an orgasmatron.

JD Salinger, Saul Bellow and Norman Mailer were all devotees of the orgone energy accumulator, nicknamed by Woody Allen the 'Orgasmatron'. Its inventor, Wilhelm Reich, claimed that better orgasms could cure society's ills.

  UK Guardian

He’s probably right. At least it couldn’t hurt.

When Wilhelm Reich, the most brilliant of the second generation of psychoanalysts who had been Freud's pupils, arrived in New York in August 1939, only a few days before the outbreak of war, he was optimistic that his ideas fusing sex and politics would be better received there than they had been in fascist Europe

Boy, he hadn’t done his homework on Americans’ attitudes toward sex, had he? Of course, we have fused sex and politics – just not in the way he was thinking.

In his 1927 study The Function of the Orgasm, he concluded that "there is only one thing wrong with neurotic patients: the lack of full and repeated sexual satisfaction" (the italics are his).

They’re mine now. Haha!

Okay, well….I don’t know about that, but, whatever. Did you know that bonobo monkeys have a completely peaceful society? Yes, the researchers say that it is likely due to the fact that the females run things, and whenever there is a tense situation, their solution is to have sex (or masturbate). I’m just reporting.

Soon after he arrived in the United States – by which time his former psychoanalytic colleagues were questioning his sanity …

Ha. I bet they were.

…Reich invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator, a wooden cupboard about the size of a telephone booth, lined with metal and insulated with steel wool.

Okay, I’m done with this. If you didn’t see Barbarella, you can read the rest of the article for a more complete picture of what an orgasmatron was all about.

And speaking of pictures, from this same article:

He really just wanted a bunch of loose women.

Those damned socialists. I've been tryin' to warn you.

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