Monday, July 11, 2011


It appears that Vladimir Putin is not just an action hero but an actual gift of God. First deputy administration chief Vladislav Surkov set a new standard for sycophants and lickspittles everywhere by announcing that Putin was sent here by God to lead the Russian people. Wow, I thought he was just sent by Marvel.

  Jonathan Turley

Ha! He has to have someone do the publicity for him. George W made his own announcement of being sent by God to lead the US. And he might not have been an action hero, but he's an action figure.

I was looking to see if there is an Obama action figure yet (go ahead and check - and be sure to see this one - it looks strangely like a cross between OJ Simpson and Dennis Haysbert), and I came across this. Something seems wrong.

You can click to enlarge the pic.

And speaking of action figures, I am so sorry I missed this when it was timely. Oh, hell, maybe it still is.

Watch the kids at the end, too.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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