Sunday, July 10, 2011

Somebody's Making Sense for a Change

The Philadelphia District Attorney's office estimates that it saved the city two million dollars in revenue through a new program designed to deal with individuals arrested with less than 30 grams (slightly more than one ounce) of marijuana.

According to The Philadelphia Daily News, new sentencing guidelines have meant that the city no longer has to foot the bill for court-appointed defense attorneys, prosecutorial fees, lab tests, or overtime wages paid to police officers who appear in court. Additionally, says the article, legal personnel at all levels are freed up to concentrate on more serious crimes.


Thousands of cases have been diverted through Philadelphia's so-called Small Amount of Marijuana (SAM) program, which is designed to process marijuana users quickly through the system and leave them with a clean record. The effort might have been doomed to failure had it not received the support of law enforcement personnel, who say that efforts to take marijuana off the streets use up resources and do little to dent the supply available to users.

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A panel of former high ranking world officials issued a report Thursday calling for an end to the global war on drugs and a move toward policies that treat addiction as a health problem instead of as crime.

The group, calling themselves the Global Commission on Drug Policy, includes the former presidents of Switzerland, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, along with a former U.N. Secretary General, a former U.S. Secretary of State, the prime minister of Greece and the former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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The only problem here is that it will never fly in the US. The CIA relies too heavily on drug money to run its black ops.

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