Thursday, July 07, 2011

Since We're All Gonna Die

UPDATE: Even better....

For those wanting a cost-free solution or simply wanting to contribute to science, we offer “No Cost Cremation” through our affiliation with Whole Body Donation organizations throughout the country. Physicians, researchers and educators are reliant on generous donors to conduct the most realistic research possible. The body is then cremated and cremated remains are returned to the family.

  Heartland Cremation

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A follow up to the "green burial" post.

Green Acres will follow burial criteria established by the Green Burial Council, a nonprofit organization based in Sante Fe, N.M. These include no embalming, no vaults and a requirement that the body be buried directly into the ground in a biodegradable and nontoxic shroud or coffin.

Cemeteries often require a coffin, embalmment and a vault even though they’re not required by state law.

  Columbia Missourian

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Through Goddard and Worstell’s cemetery business, Pushing Up Daisies, a person can be buried for a minimum of $1,185. Burial plots at Green Acres start at $585 and run to $1,985, depending on the location. The opening and closing fee is $600 for graves and $200 for cremations on weekdays with an additional $200 on Saturdays.


“You can live green; now you can even die green,” he said. “And for those who do not want to leave a big footprint on Mother Earth, this is the best and most economical way to go.”

That’s still pretty steep for a dead body. Cremation Online (Who knew? I should have guessed.) has a basic package for $725 if the body is within 35 miles of an establishment they use in various Texas cities. If not, they will still pick it up for some extra mileage fees. (Hey, family, just get it there yourself, eh? It shouldn't be too difficult to get me in the bed of the truck, but if I'm upstairs, you might want to work in pairs. FYI, I'm still working on that idea of spontaneous human combustion, but just in case I don't manage that, you could always 'accidentally' have a fire that consumes the body. Maybe on the way to the crematorium. You can figure it out.) While it may be cheaper than their traditional rip-off, your local funeral home is no doubt going to find a way to charge you an arm and a leg for cremation, too.

Green burials, also known as natural burials, are increasing in popularity. But they are not new. They were once common in the United States and are practiced by Muslims and those of other religious faiths in many countries throughout the world.

Muslims? Better check out everybody using a “green” burial – they might be terrorists.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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