Sunday, July 03, 2011

True Activism

Some journalists and activists on board an Italian-Dutch ship,the Stefano Chiarini , which also plans to take part in the flotilla, decided to leave on Saturday, while others were considering plans to protest against the Greek decision.

"Morale is low, really low. It is hard when plans keep changing all the time," Ewa Jasiewicz, a co-ordinator with the Free Gaza movement on board the boat, told Al Jazeera.

Some of the activists have been on the ship, which is docked at a port on the Greek island of Corfu, for over a week and are now planning to abandon the group to "attend to their daily lives", according to Khaled Turaani, a leading activist on the boat.


Yes, when they signed up, they thought it was going to be exciting and fun. And, you know, they had two weeks' vacation. They don't want to spend it ALL on a ship in dock.

"It is not out of lack of commitment. They need to return to pressing issues related to their work," he said.

"This is not defeat. If every single activist would leave this morning, I believe the Freedom Flotilla has already served its purpose; namely, to expose the reality of the blockade on Gaza."

And here I thought it was to get much needed relief to besieged Palestinians. Excuse me, sir, but the reality of the blockade on Gaza has been long exposed. Israel might even say overexposed.

Lack of commitment is exactly what it is. I myself would not be able to afford to - and maybe wouldn't even want to - devote myself to any cause. I just don't think they should be calling these abandoners activists.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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