Monday, July 11, 2011

Now Can We Attack Syria?

Supporters of the Syrian government have stormed the US and French embassies in Damascus, prompting strong condemnation by the two countries' officials.

Witnesses describing Monday's assault said the attackers smashed windows and raised a Syrian flag at the US diplomatic compound and wrote anti-American graffiti referring to the US ambassador as a "dog".

al Jazeera

Yeah, I think we even refer to him that way.

Following the attack on the embassy, the residence of the US ambassador was attacked by a mob.


The state department says it will summon a senior Syrian diplomat on Monday to condemn the assault and demand that Syria uphold international treaty obligations to protect foreign diplomatic missions.

Or what?

The embassy attacks came just days after the US and French ambassadors visited the opposition stronghold of Hama in central Syria.

The Syrian government called the visits to Hama interference in the country's internal affairs and accused the ambassadors of undermining Syria's stability.

That might put a crimp in our plans to demand anything.

At around the same time [as the attack on the US embassy], security guards at the French embassy in Damacus fired into the air and used tear gas to drive back supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

One witness said three protesters were injured when embassy guards beat them with clubs.

And you’ve been told the French are cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Looks like they didn’t get any broken windows, and there was no Syrian flag raised on their territory.

The incident "is now finished", Bernard Valero, a French embassy spokesman, said.

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