Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Not too long ago Netflix raised its prices. I had signed up for the plan that allowed unlimited video streaming and 1 DVD to be checked out at a time. That was easy enough for me, because I could watch a DVD, return it and have another in 2 days. When they raised their prices, I thought about dropping the DVD option altogether because I had watched lots of DVDs and my queue was getting very short. I was having trouble finding new movies I wanted to see from their offerings, but since it was only a dollar or so more, I just left my plan the same.

Today I got a message that they're raising their prices again, only this time, they're dropping the streaming video part back down to a little cheaper than the plan I have, and they are charging the same amount for the DVD plan. In other words, they are doubling the price of the plan I have. Certainly I am having no problem dropping that DVD portion like a hot potato. I didn't have anything left on my queue that I cared about anyway, and it seems like for the last year or so, all their new offerings are junk movies - stuff you'd only watch if all you ever did was sit on the couch and watch lame movies.

So, while it's a no-brainer for me (and frankly, they don't have a lot left on their streaming list that I haven't seen or think I might like to see either), but what a lousy deal for the people who just signed up - suddenly the cost has doubled. I wonder how many new customers they'll lose.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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