Saturday, July 09, 2011

Memories That Light the Corner of My Mind

It only has one.

Memorable Concerts ..... Or at least, concerts I remember.....


Al Jarreau - Oakland, CA

Paul Simon - San Francisco, CA

John Prine - Columbia, MO - actually, I should tie this one with Paul Simon, and they're breathing down Jarreau's neck - Prine and Simon had incredible bands

John Prine - San Francisco, CA

Ray Charles - Oakland, CA

Ray Charles - San Francisco, CA

Teddy Pendergrass - San Francisco, CA

Cat Stevens - San Francisco, CA

Mothers of Invention - Oakland, CA - for the sheer insanity of it

Pretty Good:

Lenny Williams - San Francisco, CA

EmmyLou Harris - Northern California (might have been better if it hadn't been hotter than hell and me sick)

Donovan - Kansas City, MO (yes, a hundred years ago - and I probably remember it more for the adventure than the concert)


Merle Haggard - Oakland, CA (I think, maybe it was SF)

Merle Haggard - some State Fair in Missouri

Ray Charles - San Francisco, CA

Not Worth the $$:

Ray Charles - Marin County, CA

Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Marin County, CA - so drunk and stoned out of his gourd that he couldn't even get through two lines of a song without falling out (most of the audience walked on that one)

Willie Nelson - Oakland, CA

Willie Nelson, electrified- San Francisco, CA

Lyle Lovett - Columbia, MO

Barely Remembered:

Merle Haggard - some State Fair in California

There was a concert at the Cow Palace in San Francisco that all I can remember is people starting a chant ("Mellow Aroma"), and when the star (I can't even recall who it was) came onstage late, you could hear this thumping sound behind you like cows running into the arena, and pretty soon you realized it was everybody pulling their chairs up closer to the stage, bump by bump, and you better grab the edge of yours and stay ahead of the stampede if you wanted to stay alive.

Concert I Wish I Could Have Attended:

Ry Cooder - Anywhere

But actually, I'm too old and tired to sit at a concert any more, so the TV and CDs work just fine.

Anybody out there? Anybody want to share concert experiences or comments?

....hey, do what you will anyway.

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