Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Audacity

"Over the last couple of days, the debate here in Washington has been dominated by issues of debt limit," the president said, adding that what matters most to him is getting the economy "on a sounder footing."

But he went on to link a deal on the debt ceiling to the prospect of a lower unemployment rate.

"The sooner we get this done, the sooner that the markets know that the debt limit ceiling will have been raised and that we have a serious plan to deal with our debt and deficit, the sooner that we give our businesses the certainty that they will need in order to make additional investments to grow and hire," Obama said.


You just thought the economy has been tanking for years and that the unemployment rate has been going just as fast in the reverse direction. Nope. It’s only been since the Republicans have been stalling on raising the debt ceiling.

If the Republicans can come up with a candidate who isn't dumber than a box of hammers or batshit crazy, we will be paying to redecorate the Oval Office again in 2012.

Why did no one recognize at the time how appropriate was Obama's 2008 campaign slogan, "The Audacity of Hope?" The audacity of hope is what kept thousands of Jews waiting under drastic and obscenely inhumane conditions in the concentration camps rather than just making a run for the wall and being shot, thereby ending up in the same ultimate condition but without the intervening horrific suffering.

The audacity of hope is what got four young college students killed at Kent State. And the audacity of hope is what made Barack Obama what is universally considered the most powerful man on the planet.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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