Thursday, September 01, 2011

Scandal! Scandal!

“Secret” documents found in Qadafi’s compound reveal that a Bush official and Dennis Kucinich consulted with the Fashionista. They "worked with the now-deposed Libyan regime of Muammar Qaddafi as he attempted to stay in power." OMG! So let’s hang ‘em.

Back up, will you? No, I guess not. We’re in a hanging mood.

WTF? Has everyone forgotten that in 2003 (too long ago for memory?) the US and western Taliban offered to lift sanctions if only Qadafi would admit to the Lockerbie bombing and pay some victims? Which he did. And the US has been wheeling-dealing with the whole Libyan "rebellion," furnishing aid to the rebels, and god knows negotiating with Qadafi. He was even publicy "offered" the opportunity to step aside nicely. I am quite certain that we played both sides to figure out which way to go. Which is turning out to be not quite so easily controlled as perhaps we thought.

The Bush official now works for Bechtel - and we all know business is business, and who gives a rat's ass about freedom? And Kucinich has been actively trying to ending our incessant wars, so it's not surprising that he would be scurrying around that scene. And Kucinich is a wheeler-dealer politician. And not a very good one. So, on second thought, maybe we could go ahead and hang him. He's toast now anyway.

"According to the document, Kucinich wanted evidence of corruption within the NTC and, like Welch, any possible links within rebel ranks to al-Qaeda." The horror!

Sometimes I wonder why somebody doesn’t pull the plug on the failed experiment of human beings and put us out of our miserable pea-brained insanity.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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