Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unfavorable Tree Symptoms

[The] most twisted euphemism I'd heard in a long time comes from DuPont: "We are investigating the reports of these unfavorable tree symptoms," the pesticide maker recently stated.

How unfavorable? Finito, flat-lined... the tree is dead.

Not just one tree, but hundreds of thousands all across the country are suffering the final "symptom." The culprit turns out to be Imprelis, a DuPont weed-killer widely applied to lawns, golf courses, and – ironically – cemeteries.


[A]nd then DuPont had its own "aha!" moment: Trees on the grounds of the DuPont Country Club also developed the "unfavorable symptoms" of Imprelis poisoning.

So, with the cooperation of DuPont, the EPA has finally banned the sales of the tree killer. But, because of inadequate testing and a rush to profit, the poison will remain in soils and water across the country for many moons– and the deaths will continue. Will we never learn?

Jim Hightower

I think I can answer that.

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