Friday, September 23, 2011

America: A Force for Good

This is the US Navy's website logo. I like that the background on their header is a fence.

Taking "force" to mean "military might" and "for good" to mean "forever," then I will agree wholeheartedly that we are indeed "a global force for good." (Actually, if they'd just insert the word "brute" after the word "global," it would help clarify the meaning.)

The theater of [US war] operations is vast – potentially as vast as the world itself, given the rationale of pursing “terrorists” wherever they might be detected – and, so far, the range extends from the tribal regions of Pakistan to the African savannah, where pilotless “Reapers” take off from airfields in Ethiopia and Djibouti in search of prey. According to reports, US bases have also been established in Saudi Arabia and the Seychelles for this purpose. The latter, I hear, are quite happy about what this has done for local business: Americans may be standing in the unemployment lines, while their taxes go to fund endless war, but the Seychellois are in relatively good shape these days.


The Seychelles, another “former” Marxist one-party state, is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean: the head of state, James Michel, inherited his position from the former dictator, France-Albert Rene, who overthrew the first elected Seychellois president, James Mancham a short year after the former British colony gained independence. A series of phony elections have since been held, with the ruling party managing to stay in office due to gerrymandering and vote-buying. While not as openly repressive as Zenawi, Michel is of the same type: a “former” commie who has changed his colors but not his ways. These are our great allies in the “war on terrorism.”

The expansion of the war effort in this way has transformed the CIA into an international militarized force whose analysts are tasked with finding enough targets to keep the drones flying. Combing the world for alleged “terrorists,” and keeping their activities well out of the spotlight, the “new” CIA, under Gen. David Petraeus, is primed and ready for its mission, which is to expand the frontiers of our endless “war on terrorism.”

This new role for the CIA has its domestic political uses, keeping knowledge of our latest wars “top secret” and therefore safe from nosey congressional committees, journalists, and most of all the American people. The mechanized imperialism of the drone wars gives our leaders the ability to distance themselves from their own criminal actions, and keep US casualties down to a minimum. It’s clean, it’s cold, and it’s cowardly – which just about describes the methods of modern American imperialism to a tee.

  Justin Raimondo

Numerous referring links are embedded in Raimondo’s article, so if you care to see whether what he’s saying is backed up, visit the “Justin Raimondo” link.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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