Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Follow Up

On the cervical cancer vaccine Perry tried to require, Wolf Blitzer turns to Michelle Bachmann because “You’re a mom.” As a mom, Bachmann is against “innocent little 12-year-old girls” being “forced to have a government injection”. Perry says it was all about “err[ing] on the side of life.” Bachmann says it was actually about drug company profits. Perry says “if you’re saying that I can be bought for $5,000, I’m offended.” Shouldn’t he be offended by the suggestion that he can be bought at all, not by the notion that he can be bought cheaply?


Perry confirmed a $5,000 campaign contribution from Merck, and defended it, saying he was offended at the suggestion that he could be bought for such a small amount when he had raised about $30 million.

According to a Tribune analysis of campaign finance data received from the Texas Ethics Commission, Perry underestimated. In the past 10 years, he has received $29,500 from Merck PAC, the political action committee for Merck employees, nearly six times more than Perry acknowledged on stage.

  Texas Tribune

While that was easy enough to check, Rick certainly knew that the people watching the “debates” wouldn’t be reading the Texas Tribune.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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