Friday, September 02, 2011

About That Lawsuit Between Rendition Contractors

Further to my post regarding sucky people

[W]hat really caught our eye are potentially forged State Department letters authorizing the [rendition] flights. The letters were sent to each air crew before flights, and signed by a State Department official who may not exist.

The letters were all signed by "Terry A. Hogan." [...] But the Associated Press says there are indications that Hogan "was fictitious":

The AP could not locate Hogan. No official with that name is currently listed in State's department-wide directory. A comprehensive 2004 State Department telephone directory contains no reference to Hogan, or variations of that name -- despite records of four separate transit letters signed by Terry A. Hogan in January, March and April 2004. Several of the signatures on the diplomatic letters under Hogan's name were noticeably different.

  Raw Story

And in this way, government agencies will deny any legal responsibility. Case closed. What did we think? They’re stupid or something?

They're monstrous. We're right about that.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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