Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Sooner Said Than Done

LaBelle says in comments to an earlier post that the "deathers" will scare the gutless (I think she mentioned balls, actually) Congresscritters who will drop the end-of-life counseling portion of the health plan. Can she call 'em or what?

Rep. Mike Ross (D-AR): "I will never vote for a bill to kill old people, period."


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee, announced yesterday that the end-of-life counseling provision would be removed from the proposed House health care bill.


And if that’s not enough…

At the same time, Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), one of six senators involved in bipartisan Finance Committee negotiations, all but declared the public option dead in the Senate.


What’s left?

....but hey, do what you will anyway.


  1. What’s left?

    Well, nothing much, of course, but, then, that's as planned, so what did you expect?

  2. those clowns are easier to predict than the weather, that's for sure. it's all pathetic and disgusting.

    as their reward i think they should have to have the same insurance policy that i have and see how they like that. i get told what procedures the insurance company thinks i warrant and how much of it they want to pay for - if any! plus we're paying out the backside for this wonderful coverage :( and no doubt the premiums will go up and the coverage down again on jan 1 just like it always does.


  3. @NomadUK: i guess i don't expect anything any more. i just try to keep one foot in front of the other as i trudge my way through, because when they jerk the rug out from under you, you never know which way they're going to pull.

    @labelle: you must be lying, because we know there's no health care crisi...oh wait, we've finally admitted there IS a health care crisis in this country, but only the good folks in the insurance industry have your interests at heart. the government would only screw it up. we have the BEST health care in the world. haven't you been listening? oh that's right, you refuse to listen to glenn beck. but i digress...i think you are right - congress people should at least have the same HMO crap most of the rest of us have. that is the most of us who actually have jobs and SOME kind of insurance. and as for those people who squawk about a plan having some government "death panel" make decisions about our health care, who do they think is doing it now? or do they just think that a government death panel would be that much worse than a private corporation death panel? if i were seriously wanting to live, i'd put my chances with the government, considering all the historical evidence of corporate largesse.

    thanks for the comments from you both. i appreciate reading them.


  4. and you think anyone would ever propose a bill to kill old people that rep. ross can vote against?


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