Monday, August 10, 2009

Another White House Whitewash

In keeping with the way top government investigations have worked in all of my political memory, AG Holder is going to perform a worthless one into Bush administration torture.

[A]ccording to the LA Times, Holder will not investigate allegations of waterboarding in themselves, but rather if they failed to properly follow their waterboarding instructions to the letter

  Digby at Glenn Greenwald Blog

And he will not investigate the people who wrote or authorized the torture instructions, so essentially we are being told that the Obama administration thinks the Yoo torture memos were A-OK.

And, of course, even worse than all that (if that's possible) is the fact that by validating John Yoo's directives, they are also validating the idea that obscure Justice Department officials can be granted the authority to essentially immunize officials at all levels of the government, from the president down to the lowest field officer, by issuing a secret memo. This is very important new development in western jurisprudence and one that surely requires more study and consideration. If Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan had known about this, they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble.

Click here to send a message to Holder that you want a real investigation.

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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