Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whoomp, There It Is

Remember my recent (June 16) post about the group of hackers who thought it would be smart to hack the CIA public website? Remember me asking how old they were – 12, 15? Remember me advising them to prepare to have the rest of their lives screwed for such a stupid and juvenile act?

Investigators believe a teenager arrested at his family home in Essex may have been a "significant" figure in a computer hacking group alleged to have staged attacks against websites belonging to the US government, the electronics giant Sony, and an elite British crime unit.

Scotland Yard cybercrime detectives were questioning Ryan Cleary, 19, over the attacks carried out by the LulzSec group, which mostly targeted websites belonging to institutions and companies in the US.

  UK Guardian

A rogue member of hacker group LulzSec is suspected to have been responsible for a hack last weekend which resulted in the theft of $9m worth of online currency.


The attack – which could cost members of Anonymous and LulzSec thousands of dollars each – suggests other, more profit-focused hacking groups may be stepping up activity in response to the more high-profile politicised groups.


LulzSec has denied any involvement in the Bitcoin hack.

  UK Guardian

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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