Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Season Catches Up to the Weather

Too hot for the lemonquat.

Happy Solstice.

Meteorologists consider summer to be the hottest three months of June, July and August, which in terms of weather for those of us down here on Earth is more realistic than mid-June to mid-September.

For example, don't tell the sun-baked residents of Laredo, Texas, that summer starts only today… They've already endured 33 consecutive days of temperatures of 100 degrees or higher, including a blistering 113 degrees last Friday. And that's without a drop of rain since May 16.

The Climate Prediction Center's latest forecast for the remainder of summer is for continued warmer-than-average temperatures for the southern tier of the USA, and slightly cooler-than-average temperatures for the northern Rockies and northern Plains.

  USA Today

That’s just great news.

We had a drop of rain around then, too, and another drop a few weeks before that. But we haven't had any helpful rain since the first of March. Today I wish for hurricanes in the Gulf. Lots and lots of hurricanes. Smallish ones.

The sky in the West looks dark and heavy, but it looked that way one day last week, too. I'm officially suspicious and have given up hope that it will ever rain again.

In fact, even as I speak - well, type - the sky is clearing. Ah, another sunny day in Paradise.

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