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Oh, Jeff! It just keeps on growing.

A little gossip....


"It now appears that Mr. Guckert memorialized his experiences at the White House," the letter added, noting Guckert's comments that he might turn the journal into a book.

From a very recent Russian press release, it seems that Guckert is making plans with a Russian firm based in South East Asia to reprint all of his journals.


My God, such fun! Seems that our professional male prostitute, phony 'news' reporter and keeper of a Forbidden Journal, using a Secret Service day pass, visited the White House 196 times in two years, and spent the night 12 times!


The usual mindless gossip 'bloggers' are accusing Fat Karl the Eunuch of hosting him but we here know this is not true.

Not that Fat Karl doesn't like a bit of tying up and manly spanking on his immense flabby bottom from time to time but Karl does not live in the White House and is hardly going to sneak back in and turn tricks with 'Captain Bulldog' in a White House broom closet.


The Secret Service has people working in it who do not like Bush or his nocturnal activities and they released the logs although they refused to do so during the investigations into Clinton’s activities in the White House.

I have seen copies of these and have been checking them, (actually my computer-savvy secretary has been doing this) against what was going on inside the White House when Gannon appeared and, especially, when he was overnighting.


For the nighttime visits, I checked his dates against rosters of staff who are assigned here for night duty such as Secret Service, White House police, computer operators and switchboard people types.

The question arises, children, as to whether Gannon would spend the night here with some flunky. This is not a hotel.


The President has a small, private bedroom for resting that is directly connected to the Oval office.

Perhaps Gannon was allowed to bunk in there, safe from bothersome Secret Service or security people.


A check of the staff rosters indicate that only one person was in the White House on all the dates that Gannon slept over. The same person was always here when Gannon visited on days when there was no press action to cover.

My, my, who could that be?


Gannon is not now and never was from Texas. It is interesting to contemplate a small, fanatical very right wing Texas-based website whose owner, Robert "Bobby" Eberle* (See below for Eberle CV. Ed ), is a close personal friend of the President, hiring a Washington, D.C. male whore with no journalistic experience at all to go to the White House as their "representative."


It is interesting to note that Eberle’s propaganda machine is strongly pro-family and anti-gay. Why, one wonders, did the pure and noble Eberle hit upon the well-known male Internet whore to act as his representative to the White House?


It appears very clearly to all of us here in the Fag Palace and inside the Beltway cocktail circuits that some high level pimping was in motion, nothing else.

No wonder the Rove propaganda machine has been cranking out reams of irrelevant, silly nonsense about Gannon (“Is he really Johnny Gosch, Abducted Paper Boy?”) to keep the jabbering blogging idiots and the stupid public thrilled with useless and inaccurate stories.

The real story is much more important and entertaining. By the way, it has gotten all over the Beltway that Gannon is HIV+ and has been for some time.

That bit of news ought to keep certain very highly placed people unhappy as hell! Another State Funeral a la Reagan in the offing? Facial lesions finally clarified?


There are those of us here who do not worship at the shrine of God’s drooling Second Son and we are all exchanging knowing winks and nods.


Also, in the same area, there is growing panic over the information, strictly embargoed and classified, that a surveillance tape from the in-house security system has gone Dixie!

No one knows what might be on it but it has really disappeared from a very, very secure area. Many of us suspect what is on it and if we are right and it gets onto the Internet (the tame media would never, never dare to even hint at it) then the fecal matter will strike the fan with force.

  Conspiracy Planet article

Last post on the Guckert/Gannon scandal. When will the corporate media take hold of this one?

Update :Always with the Bush Crime Family (and the Vatican), there are sex scandals and Nazis. And what comes from covering up those scandals?

Continuing on with the Jeff Gannon mystery...

One of the key people in this network (I wouldn't call it a conspiracy) is one Todd Blodgett. Blodgett is the head of an advertising or PR agency in DC, called the TAD Agency.

Blodgett first emerges in the 1989 Washington Times expose of gay escorts being taken on midnight tours of the Reagan/Bush White House. These tours were organized by Craig Spence, an associate of Lawrence King of the Franklin credit union S&L looting/boy prostitution scandal.


At the time this story broke, one person publicly identified as caught up in the credit card lists was Todd Blodgett. The credit card was used to pay for prostitutes, but he always maintained that he allowed a friend to use his card.

At the time, Blodgett was a protege of Lee Atwater, carrying out negative research on Democrats.

In the Reagan/Bush WH he was a staff editorial assistant, then moved on to be advisor to the Bush/Quale campaign as domestic policy advisor.

After leaving politics for the private sector, Blodgett played a peculiar role as a middle man in several transactions seemingly designed to protect the assets of far RW neo-Nazi companies and institutions that were insolvent. He purchased mailing lists from the Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby for $85,000 (which were allegedly worth in the millions), delivering by his own testimony the last $25,000 in cash as 250 $100 bills.


Where does Blodgett get his money from for saving assets of far RW institutions?

Did Blodgett really run a call boy ring or is this gossip and innuendo?

If the answer to the above is yes, was Gannon a call boy in Blodgett's ring?

Did Blodgett and or Gannon use blackmail to secure Gannon's position?

Joe Aziz also turns up in the Nick Berg case. Aziz left the US for Baghdad after the occupation began and ended up being a business partner or employee of Berg. Reportedly, he was the last person to speak to Berg before Berg's death.


  Conspiracy Planet article

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