Saturday, June 12, 2004

Michael Ruppert's 9/11 research

For the last six weeks I have called and emailed more than a dozen messages seeking to answer two questions. I have only partially answered them.

Question 1 - Prior to 9/11, when various military commands were conducting multiple simultaneous training exercises across various commands and services, what office or person at the Department of Defense was charged with coordinating all of them so that they did not overlap or interfere with each other, or occupy enough military assets at one time to jeopardize operational readiness?

Question 2 - Since the Tripod II biowarfare exercise was a joint New York-Department of Justice exercise we now must ask: Prior to 9/11, under US government Executive Branch procedure, what part of the government or official was responsible for and had the authority to coordinate and act as liaison between the military, federal agencies and state and local agencies and private corporations so that they did not overlap or interfere with each other, or occupy enough essential assets at one time to jeopardize operational readiness or impair the national security of the United States? Was it the White House? Was it the Office of National Preparedness? Was it the National Security Advisor? Was it the CIA?

Only official documents and records or on-the-record statements from qualified experts will suffice.

I ask everyone who reads this - every veteran, every former government official and all the remaining decent and honest military personnel and law enforcement officers - to help answer these questions. It is obvious how important they are.

Please submit any responses to

In his From the Wilderness article, Ruppert talks about testimony of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the 9/11 Commission regarding homeland security tests that were to take place on 9/12. According to Ruppert...

I have obtained an on-the-record statement from someone in NORAD, which confirmed that on the day of 9/11 The Joint Chiefs (Myers) and NORAD were conducting a joint, live-fly, hijack Field Training Exercise (FTX) which involved at least one (and almost certainly many more) aircraft under US control that was posing as a hijacked airliner.

How nice a cover might that be for what actually took place?

What I think Ruppert is saying is that this explains why NORAD did not scramble jets to respond to the actual hijacked airliners. He has a book coming out this summer (yes, another book exposing problems in the WH) titled Truth and Lies of 9/11.