Sunday, October 24, 2010

We May Have to Settle for Poetic Justice

In an interview published online Tuesday, [Karl] Rove told Der Spiegel that the Tea Party lacks sophistication and is not a "well-organized, coherent, ideologically motivated and conservative revolution."

"Why would Karl be saying this, Rush?" a listener asked [Rush] Limbaugh Wednesday. "Why doesn't Karl learn to keep his mouth shut?"

"It's not easy for me say here, folks, it really isn't," explained Limbaugh. "But it's what ought to be a euphoric period still indicates that on the Republican side there are divisions and jealousies and egos and competition."

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Of course Rove is not left without a cover.

What [Limbaugh] took out of context was a comment that I made in an interview with a bunch of hostile German reporters where I said, 'The Tea Party is not sophisticated.' And my definition of the word sophisticated -- I was using the one about pretentiously or superficially wise.


"I consider it to be wholesome, patriotic, and incredibly positive for the country," he said.

Riiiiiight. He may need to do better than that. He may need to apologize. Or at least kiss Rush Limbaugh’s substantial ass.

"In this instance [Rush] didn't -- he may have commented before he saw the entire interview. Look, he's a friend of mine and he almost more than anybody else is responsible for encouraging people to educate themselves about the impact of the spending, the deficit and Obamacare so that they have become politically active," Rove replied.

It’s a start.

It's not the first time Limbaugh has gone after Rove on the air. Just recently, Limbaugh lashed out at Rove's comments about the Republican Senate candidate from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell.

"I've never heard ... Karl so animated against a Democrat as he was against Christine O'Donnell last night," Limbaugh complained following O'Donnell's nomination.

The next day, Rove reversed himself. "She's got a shot to win," he told Fox News.

Karl Rove kissing Rush Limbaugh’s ass. Poetic.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee today broadened the assault on the Republican Party establishment — and former Bush adviser Karl Rove in particular — levied recently by Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, blasting the "elitism" and "country club attitude exhibited by Rove and others who dismissed Delaware Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell.

"I was very disappointed in some, particularly Karl and others, who were so dismissive of Christine O'Donnell," Huckabee told Aaron Klein on the latter's WABC radio show Sunday.


Serves Rove, et al., right. Monster creation has always eventually backfired. They never seem to catch on to that. But maybe that’s because the rewards for manipulation tend to outweigh the personal downside. And there’s always a fall-guy. I assume they all figure it will always be someone else.

And I do not even want to talk about Christine O’Donnell. I just can’t go there yet. That will be the day when I turn my attitude around and just accept that the whole world is just one big joke. Almost there. So close.

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