Friday, October 29, 2010

Mob Mentality Is Always Easily Manipulated

Which, I guess, is why televangelism is so profitable. Now somebody else has found a way to separate the non-thinkers from their money. (But that's okay, as long as it isn't THE GOVERNMENT getting it!)

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosure forms, took in approximately $469,000 in donations this year and spent roughly half its budget on marketing, with the rest going to distinctly non-political avenues.

In fact, according to CBS 5 in Phoenix, there's no evidence the group spent so much as a dime to promote tea party candidates or related events.


The domain is owned by Todd Cefaratti, an Arizona businessman with a background in data collection. His other business specializes in mining contact information and reselling the leads to clients in the reverse mortgage industry.

"Thousands" of donors have given their personal contact information and credit card numbers to the tea party site, according to CBS.

  Raw Story

Hard to feel sorry for the suckers, but this manipulator needs to go to jail with the thugs.

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